Open Transport


Understanding Open Auto Transport 

Open auto transport is the most widely chosen method for transporting vehicles. It stands out for its accessibility and ease of arrangement compared to enclosed transport services. The ability of open trailers to transport between 7 and 9 vehicles simultaneously not only makes this method more efficient but also more economical than its enclosed counterpart.

Fast and Accessible Service

One of the key advantages of open car transport is its speed. As over 85% of carriers operate open trailers, the availability of this service is significantly higher, ensuring quicker and more frequent pickups.

Most Cost-Effective Transportation

While owners of classic and exotic cars may prefer enclosed shipping, those seeking a balance of value and budget often choose open auto transport. It is often the preferred choice for customers who prioritize affordability alongside quality.

Option for Topload Service

Open transport also offers an additional service known as ‘topload’, where, for an extra fee, your vehicle is guaranteed a top position on the trailer, thereby eliminating the possibility of any vehicle being loaded above it during transit.

Widely Used by Car Dealerships

The open auto transport method is a standard choice for many car dealerships for relocating vehicles. It is commonly used for transporting new cars to the dealerships we work closely with.