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Federal Auto Shipping Reviews

This was my first time shipping a car. I found it in Atlanta but didn’t want to drive it back. After being bombarded with quotes. I came across Federal Auto Shipping, they were transparent and straightforward. I got exactly what I expected. The car was picked up Tuesday afternoon and delivered Friday in Austin. I’ll be referring Alan to my colleagues at school, as some of them have children heading off to college this year. Thank you, Alan!!

Cary Novigrod

This company has been a real pleasure to work with. Alan went all out to get me the best rate and drivers. He was professional, easy to communicate with and made me feel like getting my car and camper delivered quickly and safely was a top priority for him. Amazing, highly recommended experience, thank you Alan!!

Alice Wenderly

Everything went smoothly! Your company was very good at communication. The driver was prompt and very nice. The car arrived in just a few days. We could not have been happier with your service! This is the third time we’ve used you to move cars and we will use you again in the future!

Jessica Stevens

Alan did a phenomenal job. After losing my vehicle in the big floods at FLL Airport back in April I was back in the market for a new vehicle. I found my dream car at a dealer in New Jersey and he helped ship It down within a week and the price was very fair. This was during a time when other companies were price gouging, but Alan is simply a man of integrity.

Cade Kaftel

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Why you should choose Federal Auto Shipping

Trust the Experts

As a highly-rated vehicle transport service, we ensure your vehicle’s transit from start to finish is smooth and effortless. Our door-to-door delivery means professionals oversee every aspect of your vehicle’s transport, assuring a seamless experience without the headache.

Customized Experience

What sets our shipping service apart? At Federal Auto Shipping, we collaborate closely with you throughout every phase of your vehicle’s relocation. Choose a stress-free experience with us as your vehicle transporter, ensuring a straightforward and smooth transportation process.

Committed Consultants

Our dedicated advisors are committed to ensuring you have the best experience shipping your vehicle. We continuously monitor your shipment, ensuring satisfactory and excellent service throughout.

Top-Rated Service

Why do customers consider Federal Auto Shipping the premier choice for car shipping? Explore our online reviews and discover why we are consistently recognized as one of the industry’s leading vehicle shipping and hauling services.

Price Transparency

Leading auto transport services like ours request payment only after arranging your vehicle’s transportation. This means you can secure your shipping reservation today and only pay when it’s time for dispatch.

Insurance Protection

Insurance coverage is a standard part of your vehicle’s shipment. We ensure that all carriers comply with DOT and FMCSA regulations, including stringent insurance requirements before they are permitted to be part of our trusted carrier network.

Expansive Network of 18,000+ Carriers

Our vast network of over 18,000 rigorously selected auto shipping professionals ensures your vehicle is handled correctly. This guarantees that your vehicle is in the hands of reliable, industry-trusted experts.

Always Available

Our team is at your service year-round, operating beyond regular hours. We’re always on hand to assist and to ensure we are your trusted choice.

How much will shipping my vehicle cost?

The cost of shipping your vehicle with a transport company can vary based on several key factors. These include the type of vehicle you have (like a sedan or an SUV or pickup truck), where you’re sending it, how big it is, and what condition it’s in. The price also changes based on how far the car needs to go, whether you opt for an open trailer (usually cheaper) or an enclosed carrier (which offers more protection but costs more), and the time of year you book the service. So, your final cost will depend on these specific details about your vehicle and your choices for its transport.

Vehicle Dimensions & Weight

Vehicles that are larger or heavier than the standard size may need special arrangements from auto transport services, leading to potential variations in the cost.

Condition of the Vehicle

Transporting cars that aren’t running involves higher costs due to the shipping company’s need for additional equipment and effort. However, it can be shipped if your car can roll, steer, and brake.

Type of Transport

Choosing open transport is the more common and cost-effective method. However, opting for enclosed transport, which requires specialized handling, usually pays a premium.

Shipping Route & Distance

While longer routes result in a higher total cost, the price per mile tends to be lower. This means the farther your vehicle is transported, the more cost-efficient it becomes with an auto transporter.

Popular Vehicle Shipping Services

Shipping your Classic or Exotic Car?

Ship your classic or exotic car with Federal Auto Shipping’s enclosed transport services. Our carriers, designed like mobile garages, shield your vehicle from road and weather hazards. With enhanced insurance coverage, rest assured your valuable asset will be securely delivered to its destination.


Planning a winter getaway down south or returning home? Federal Auto Shipping can pick up your vehicle from any location—home, office, hotel, or condo—and handle all logistics seamlessly. Enjoy a hassle-free transport experience and focus on choosing your sunscreen! We’re FMCSA licensed and bonded for your peace of mind.


At Federal Auto Shipping, we specialize in easing the transition to your new home. Our team is committed to providing seamless vehicle transport, ensuring your peace of mind every step of the way. With competitive rates and exceptional service, we take the stress out of moving your car, so you can concentrate on settling into your new place. Trust us to be a reliable part of your exciting journey.

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